House of Love

 When Yankees arrive in the Ozarks to make a fortune by improving the lives of mountain people who don't believe their lives need improvement, sparks ignite.

As if they didn't have their hands full with their own love-lives and survival, the Lupers of Scrub Holler know they must prevent the invasion of a tourist train to transport thousands of outsiders through their land on the way to Eureka Springs. But the Fatches, who live on the Ridge, are in favor of a train that will bring them prosperity at someone else's sacrifice.

With many devout although irreverent hill people, it is of the utmost importance to stay out of Scary Hell. Of course, the only way to do that is through Preacher Kneil at the House of Love, where everyone puts aside their differences on Sunday morning until they don't, and that's when the House of Love erupts into chaos and calamity.  

This novel is a mountain of satire, wisdom, and hilarity. It is an irreverent book that attacks the church, clergymen, social welfare, the tourist industry, banks, law enforcement, small town politics, good ol' boyism, the quorum court...

Short, chubby Ruby Roulette and beautiful Desiree Sweet Tea compete for the affection of Junior Jimmy Don while Jack, Ruby Roulette's brother, runs the Knotty Firewood Co., Inc. 

Available on these internet sites:  BoianBooks Publisher     HomeGrown Bookstore 

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